You might enjoy owning an up-market pet store like ours - It can be satisfying, profitable and fun!


Upmarket products and services for upmarket pets.
The Pet Pavilion model has been developed over sixteen years, in four retail locations - Chelsea, Kensington, Notting Hill and Wimbledon. Products are carefully chosen from around the world to provide our pets with something different from the mass market. In addition to the individual accessories, pet care, toys and specialist food products sold in the stores. We also provide personal services for cats and dogs; in particular - deluxe grooming, dog walking, dog and cat sitting, microchipping and dog training.

The Pet Pavilion Franchise
The current business has been tailored to be expanded through a Business Format Franchise. This means that the current profitable prototype has been honed into a model that can be successfully transferred to operate in different locations throughout the country. This is achieved by transferring the methods, techniques and principles of the present business through training, demonstration and support to people, like you, who would like to run their own pet store in their local area.

You will be ably supported by staff who are experienced in the pet business, receive formal and informal training on site and have access to the very individual range of products which the company sources internationally. New franchisees will receive sound advice on property location, set-up equipment, financial modelling, shopfitting and design, all of which are essential for a new business to be successful.

You will need around £45 k liquid capital investment, enthusiasm and a desire to do something a little different.

The Next Steps

Email us at and we will send you a contact form to complete. We will get in touch to arrange for you to visit one (or more) of our pet stores. We will also send you the Business Opportunity Brochure so that when you visit, we can have a meaningful conversation, based upon both parties’ requirements and expectations.